Download VirtualBox 5.1.18 Free For Windows Latest Version

Download VirtualBox 5.1.18 Free For Windows Latest VersionDownload VirtualBox 5.1.18 Free For Windows Latest Version

VirtualBox 5.1.18 is a x86 that is effective AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise also home use. Directed at a server, desktop, and embedded use, it is the professional-quality that is the solution that is open supply Software additionally. You can install a running that is classic such as DOS or OS/2 even if your real computer’s hardware is not any longer supported by that working system while you can configure what forms of “virtual” hardware should be presented to each such os.

VirtualBox 5.1.18 Latest is an application installed on a preexisting host os; through this application, additional systems can be loaded and run, each along with its very environment that is very own is digital. For instance, several Linux distributions hosted on a computer device that is single or Windows 7; likewise, XP and Vista can run on a machine Linux that is operating therefore forth. There is a free for personal, or evaluation uses proprietary variation and a GNU General Public License (GPL) version.

VirtualBox 5.1.18 Free is a virtualization application that is cross-platform. It installs on current Intel or computer that is AMD-based, whether or not they are running Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris systems which may be operating. It extends the abilities of your PC that is confident that it could run various systems (inside multiple digital machines) at the time that is same. You can run computer software written for just one system that is running another (as an example, Windows software on Linux or perhaps a Mac) without having to be forced to reboot to utilize it.

VirtualBox 5.1.18 For Windows is a general-purpose virtualize that is hardware that is complete. Aimed at a server, desktop, and embedded use, it happens to be the quality that is only is the professional solution that is additionally Open supply Software. VirtualBox is a virtualization that is sufficient for enterprise also for home usage. VirtualBox provides useful for a few scenarios: running operating that is numerous simultaneously. VirtualBox gives you to run more than one os at any time.

Key Features:

  • VirtualBox includes a design that is acutely modular well-defined programming that is internal and a client/server design.
  • Virtual can certainly make it very easy to control it from a few interfaces at as soon as,
  • Able to start a machine that is Virtual a conventional device that is Virtual and then control that machine through the demand line, or perhaps remotely.
  • VirtualBox also includes a complete Software Development Kit: even there is no necessity to hack the inspiration to write an application that is fresh VirtualBox though it is Open Source computer software.
  • Virtual machine explanations in XML. The configuration settings of virtual products are saved entirely in XML and split of the machines, and this can be local.
  • Virtual machine definitions can therefore easily ported to other computer systems.
  • It supports systems that are 64-bit. The clipboard shared among users, and the option of utilizing snapshots is available too. Connected systems can access provided folders for data sharing.
  • Only Public APIs of Java, Python, etc. are ideal for managing virtualization modes. It supports area that is emulation that is many limited IO bandwidth, image encryption for protecting information theft and Microsoft VHD compatibility.
  • Allows use that is making of, PATA, SCSI, SAS, iSCSI and disk that is floppy.

Download VirtualBox 5.1.18 Free For Windows Latest Version2

Additional Benefits:


VirtualBox can utilize on every machine that works on Linux, OS X, Open BSD, Windows, Solaris, and Open Solari’s host techniques that are operating their derivations.

Software Price:

In making usage of VirtualBox PC PC software, you can find no charges utilized. It is a tool that is free one could employ for individual, educational or use that is commercial


VirtualBox makes separate machines that are digital every host that is specific. The setup may perform in 3 means: Software virtualization, hardware device, and virtualization virtualization

What’s New?

  • Shared Folders: fixed case filename that is insensitive Windows site visitors only)
  • Shared Folders: fixed usage of long pages (Windows guests only)
  • API: fixed snapshot handling of medium with attachments and unit that is PCI
  • API: make windows being 32-bit in raw mode boot again if the ICH9 chipset can utilize
  • VBoxBugReport: fixed VM log collection issue
  • Linux hosts: fixed autostart service script
  • Windows Additions: fixed logins which can be automatic Windows Vista and more recent

System Requirements:

Vista/that is 32-bit that is 64-bit 32-bit/Win7 64-bit/Win8 32-bit/Win8 64-bit with the file size of 117 MB.


VirtualBox is truly a virtualization that is sufficient for enterprise also as house usage. VirtualBox provides useful for some situations: running operating that is many simultaneously. VirtualBox offers you to run a lot more than one os whenever you want.

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